Personal Website for Mr. De'Marcus I. Jackson, MS, PgCert
Master of Science in Educational Psychology
Post-Master's Certificate in General Psychology
Associate Professor in the PSYC Dept. at Columbia State Community College

On this page, learners will find many useful links, including Columbia State info, writing resources, and links to psychological information on the Internet. But, that's not all. Learners are strongly encouraged to explore all the links on this page. Please email me if any of the links below are broken, so that I can try to replace it.

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Important Info for Columbia State Learners

Columbia State Catalog

Columbia State's Official Academic Calendar

Columbia State's Official Final Exam Schedule  

Columbia State's Refunds, Drops, and Withdrawals Info. (w/dates)

Columbia State's Learner Handbook, including disciplinary policies 

Records Office

Financial Aid Office

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Columbia State Email Instructions

Direct Access to Columbia State's Online Campus

Columbia State's Information Technology Department, including the Helpdesk

Columbia State's Bookstore

Staff and Faculty Directory

Columbia State's Inclement Weather Phone Line: 931.540.2515


Writing Resources for Learners

Columbia State's Tutoring & Learning Center (TLC)

  • The Teaching and Learning Center provides tutoring in math, writing assignments, and some sciences.  We also offer assistance with study skills, note-taking, and time management.  For available tutors and subjects, view our Tutoring Schedule.

Using Google for Research

Writing Tutorials

College Level Writing (These are excellent resources for Learners!)

Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism Quiz - test your knowledge!

NEVER USE WIKIPEDIA for Academic Research Papers!

APA Writing Style Tutorial - Purdue Writing Lab

APA Resources from Walden University's Writing Center

APA 6th Edition Model Paper

MLA Writing Style Tutorial - Purdue Writing Lab

MLA Model Paper #1 w/Title Page

MLA Model Paper #2 w/o Title Page

Turabian Style Model Paper

The Writing Center at Indiana University

California State University, LA: Style Manual & Writing Guides

A Research Guide for Students

A Guide to Writing in Psychology


Learning Resources

Tutoring & Learning Center at Columbia State

How To Study for General Psychology

How to Think Critically

Education Corner ~ Study Skills for Learners

GPA Calculator

TBR's Colleges Directory


Principles of Adult Learning

Learning Strategies: Maximizing Your Academic Experience

Critical Reading Strategies

Effective Study Skills

Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Exams

100 Self-Help & Study Skills for Students with ADD

PurpleMath (Help with Algebra) (Help with Math, in general) (Automatic Math Solutions)

Human Gross Anatomy (Help with Anatomy & Physiology) (More help with Anatomy & Physiology)

Anatomy and Histology Center (Even more help with Anatomy & Physiology)

Study Guide to the Systems of the Body (Some more help with Anatomy & Physiology) (Topics for Speech class)

Online Learning Resources

Characteristics of the Successful Online Student

Is Online Learning Right For Me?

Tips for Being a Successful Online Learner

What Does a High Quality Online Course Look Like?

Online Education FAQs


Careers in Psychology

Holland Code Quiz

  • This link will transport you to a career assessment based on Holland's theory of work personalities. The quiz results can help learners toward choosing the best major/career for their "work personality." NOTE: Some of the information is specific to Rogue Community College. Just disregard that information.

Online Psychology Degree Resources

Is Psychology right for YOU?


Marky Lloyd's Careers in Psychology

Occupational Outlook Handbook: Psychologists

Board of Examiners in Psychology: Academic Programs in Psychology

What can you do with a degree in Psychology?

Careers in Sports Psychology (...not because I love sports...LOL...but because some Learners want to know)

Careers in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (an EXCELLENT field to enter into!)

The Online Guide to a Career in Counseling

Addiction Counselor Career Options & Salary Guide

Careers in Psychology

Psychology Resources on the Web

The Virtual Psychology Classroom

Classics in the History of Psychology — Psychology

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind

Dr. Fenichel's Current Topics in Psychology

GMU's Online Resources for Developmental Psychology

Scientific Progress

The Social Dimensions of Scientific Knowledge


Psychological Organizations and Associations

American Psychological Association

Tennessee Psychological Association

Association for Psychological Science

American Psychiatric Association


Mental Health Service Provider Locator

Tennessee Division of Mental Health Services

Mental Health Treament Locator


Miscellaneous Favorite Web Links

The following links provide visitors with some insight into my quirky, but truthful and secure personality - I am huge movie buff! I visit this site often for some of the best movie reviews on the Internet.

Facebook - I am on Facebook. My page is relatively non-threatening :-) So, feel free to visit my page and join me. Just click on the link to be taken directly to my page. - Yes, I am a very proud Trekkie. Come on...join the movement

Out & About Newspaper - Tennessee's best source for GLBT news in print. - I am big on political activism. As American citizens, I believe we have an national obligation to stay fully engaged with our government. You can begin here. This link will take you to the website. Explore the page. Also, click on the Contact Us link to begin writing directly to the White House—let your voice be heard!

CNN Uncovering America: Fighting for Acceptance - Excellent resource on the efforts by the GLBT community to build support and gain allies in the struggle for equality. - One of my scholarly interests is astronomy. This site is an excellent resource for astro geeks like me. This site also provides great wallpapers for your desktop or notebook PC!

Skeptic's Dictionary - I regularly lecture on the importance of being a good critical thinker and a healthy skeptic. This site is a good resource for alternative and empirical explanations for many abstract topics of interest.

Parapsychological Association -  Although I am a proud skeptic and empiricist, I also know that a very small percentage of paranormal phenomena via empirical explanations and scientific evidence. Parapsychology is a burgeoning sub-field of psychology that seeks to understand paranormal events. Check out this site for more information. - I'm a huge fan of Marvel Comics. This site offers a great directory of nearly all of the characters in the Marvel Universe.

The Batman -  My all-time favorite comic book hero is The Batman, who has no superpowers and relies only on advance scientific skill, keen detective abilities, and a genius level intellect to solve problems and fight crime. I think he has the coolest and most well-developed collection of villains and the comic itself has stood the test of time. This link takes you to a very good Wikipedia entry on the "Dark Knight". - Another scholarly interest of mine is theology and comparative religion. This site is a great source for information on various world religions and systems of belief.

Skeptic's annotated Bible/Koran/Book of Mormon: An excellent source for critical thinking.

Is the United States a Christian nation? - This is an excellent question and this site provides the correct answer.

Where the founding fathers of America Christians? - Again, another excellent question. This site provides the correct answer.

Encyclopedia Mythica - Another scholarly interest of mine is mythology. This site is a great source for information on many mythologies.

Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution - I am a major proponent of evolution theory, which is a theory that has overwhelming scientific support and is considered a statement of biological fact by the great majority of natural scientists, including scientists belonging to all three Abraham religions. This link will educate visitors on the biggest misconceptions with evolution theory and will hopefully encourage some to explore the beauty of this theory more, with a open and critical mind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Evolution - More excellent information about contemporary evolution theory.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - I am a philosopher at heart and I used this resource all the time during my undergraduate years studying philosophy. It provides wonderful information on various topics.

I AM AN ATHEIST - I am an Atheist. There are many misconceptions and hateful stereotypes about Athiests. Rather than being a hater and believing the lies, how about you find out what the truth is.

American Humanist Association - I study, promote, and live by a humanist philosophy concerning all things. I invite students and visitors to explore this link to learn more about humanist philosophy.

Best Online Colleges - I am a huge supporter of online education. This resource will help prospective students find the best online colleges.

Most Affordable Online Colleges - Here's another excellent link supporting online education. This resource will help prospective students find an online college that won't break the bank. - is a leading online destination for caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones. They offer thousands of original articles, helpful tools, advice from more than 50 leading experts, a community of caregivers, and a comprehensive directory of caregiving services. -'s mission is to educate consumers and to serve as a voice for consumer advocacy and wellness. They believe everyone should be empowered to make the well-informed decisions on safe, dependable services and products. - This website supplies original, innovative information on college prep, psychology degrees, expert interviews, financial aid, and more.