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Master of Science in Educational Psychology
Post-Master's Certificate in General Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology at Columbia State Community College

Psychology Majors

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The Psychology Department at Columbia State is a good starting point to begin your study in psychology. The courses offered will give learners interested in psychology a solid foundation in the psychological sciences. Columbia State offers four psychology classes, two of which are "general education" classes and are transferrable to most colleges and universities in the United States:

  • PSYC 1030 - Introduction to Psychology (general education; offered every semester)

  • PSYC 2110 - Psychology of Adjustment (fall semester only)

  • PSYC 2120 - Social Psychology (spring semester only)

  • PSYC 2130 - Lifespan Development Psychology (general education; offered every semester)

Our quality team of well-educated and highly experienced psychology faculty at Columbia State will prepare learners for the challenging, yet rewarding field of psychology. After completing their education here at Columbia State, learners will be prepared to transfer to a 4-year institution ready to tackle the necessary coursework required to become a professional within the psychological sciences.

In order to expedite the entire process of forging a career in psychology, acquiring relevant coursework is extremely beneficial. The learner will be required to learn from a broad spectrum of studies and disciplines. Additionally, real-world, practical experience in the field is always desirable in preparing for the career in psychology. Once some work has been accomplished, and valuable experience has been gained, the learner will have an informed understanding of what it really means to undertake a career in psychology.

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Below are a listing of colleges and universitites in Tennessee that Columbia State graduates typically transfer to. The links will lead psychology majors directly to the respective psychology departments of each school.

Psychology Programs at Tennessee Public Universities:

Austin Peay State University:


East Tennessee State University:


Middle Tennessee State University:


Tennessee State University:


Tennessee Tech University:


University of Memphis:


University of Tennessee: 


Other popular universities that Columbia State learners often transfer to:




Martin Methodist College (ask/search for Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Sciences in the current course catalog):




University of North Alabama: